How to React to Instagram Messages Like a Pro?

Do you feel unsure how to reply to your friends and followers on Instagram?

Don’t worry! You’re not alone.

Many Instagram influencers face the challenge of figuring out how to respond to Instagram messages.

It’s tough when you want to spread your influence and be approachable to your friends while also being professional when talking with potential teammates for a school project or other social situations.

This easy-to-understand guide, “How to React to Instagram Messages Like a Pro,” will teach you great ways to interact with your friends, followers, and anyone else who sends you a message on Instagram.

So, let’s get started –

Instagram App
Instagram App

What Is Instagram’s Direct Reactions Feature?

Instagram’s Direct Reactions feature is a fun addition to Instagram Direct Messages (DM). It lets users instantly react to messages using emojis, making interaction more lively and expressive.

Instagram Direct Reactions enables Instagrammers to:

  1. Display their feelings about a single message.
  2. Respond swiftly without the need to compose a typed reply.
  3. Choose an emoji as a reaction to a particular message.

Chatting on Instagram gets more enjoyable with this feature as it allows speedy emotional expression without much typing.

Potential Issues and Fixes

Occasionally, users might experience issues while using Instagram Direct Reactions. Below are some expanded explanations for possible problems and their solutions.

1). Issue: Outdated Instagram App

The Instagram app receives regular updates, and features might be added or removed. Users with older versions may not have access to the latest functions.

Fix: Always update your Instagram app to the latest version to ensure you enjoy new features. By doing this, you also resolve potential security risks and improve app performance.

2). Issue: Limited Roll-Out of Direct Reactions

Instagram Direct Reactions may not be available to all users immediately upon the feature’s release.

Fix: To address this, ensure you have the latest Instagram app, and check regularly for updates. Once the feature is rolled out to your account, it should automatically be included in subsequent updates.

3). Issue: Inadequate Internet Connection

Insufficient internet connectivity can hinder the proper functioning of Instagram features, including Direct Reactions.

Fix: To counter this, ensure your Wi-Fi, mobile data, or other internet connections are strong and stable. Reset your router or restart your device’s Wi-Fi if needed.

4). Issue: Privacy Settings Restrictions

Another reason for potentially encountering issues with Instagram Direct Reactions is restrictive privacy settings.

Fix: Ensure your privacy settings are appropriately adjusted to enable reactions in messages. This involves following any private accounts with which you want to interact.

5). Issue: Limited Functionality of Instagram Lite

Instagram Lite is an optimized app version designed for low bandwidth or low-performance devices, which might exclude some features like Direct Reactions.

Fix: To experience the full functionality of Instagram, consider installing the standard Instagram app, but be aware that it may require more storage space and data usage.

How to React to Instagram Messages?

Reacting to messages on Instagram is straightforward. You can do so using the Instagram mobile app or through a web browser:

Using the Mobile App:

  1. Open Instagram DM: Tap the arrow icon in the top right corner of Instagram’s home screen. This symbol represents Direct Messages (DM), where all personal chats are located.
  2. Select the Conversation: Here, you’ll see a list of ongoing conversations. Tap on the chat to which you want to respond.
  3. Type Your Reply: At the bottom of the chat screen, there’s a text box that says, “Type something…” Tap it to bring up your keyboard and compose your reply.
  4. Send the Message: When you’ve finished writing your reply, tap the ‘Send’ button (which looks like a paper airplane) on the right-hand side of the text box.

Using the Web:

  1. Go to Access your Instagram account via any web browser on your computer.
  2. Open Direct Messages: The Direct Messages icon is in the top right of Instagram’s home screen. It looks like a paper airplane. Click on this icon.
  3. Choose the Conversation: This will include a list of active chats. Click on the conversation where you want to send a reply.
  4. Compose Your Reply: A text box at the bottom of the screen says “Message…”. Click here and type your response.
  5. Send the Message: Press ‘Enter’ on your keyboard to send the message.


Q: How Do You Like a Message on Instagram?

Answer: Double-tap the message you want to like. A small heart icon will appear, indicating that you have liked the message.

Q: How to Laugh at a Message on Instagram?

Answer: This time, press and hold the message you want to laugh at; emojis will pop up. Pick the laughing emoji (😂) as your reaction, then release your finger. Your “laugh” reaction will be displayed below the message.

Q: Why Can’t I React to Messages on Instagram?

Answer: There can be several reasons for your inability to react to messages on Instagram:

  1. Outdated Instagram app.
  2. Feature not available yet.
  3. Poor Internet connection.
  4. Privacy settings.
  5. Instagram Lite.

Q: How to Change Emoji Reactions in Instagram DMs?

Answer:  To change your emoji reaction in Instagram DMs, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the direct message.
  2. Locate the message with your existing reaction.
  3. The emojis selection will appear again by tapping your displayed reaction.
  4. Select a different emoji as your new reaction, and then release your finger.

Q: Why Can’t I Reply to a Message on Instagram?!

Answer: There are a few reasons you might be unable to reply to a message on Instagram:

  1. Connectivity issues.
  2. Blocked account.
  3. Account restrictions.
  4. Account deactivated or deleted.
  5. Privacy settings.

By addressing these potential issues, you should be able to enjoy Instagram messages, reactions, and replies seamlessly.


Facing common problems with Instagram’s Direct Reactions can be frustrating. Still, it’s something most Instagram creator has to deal with.

You can effectively mitigate these issues by keeping the app updated, ensuring a stable internet connection, understanding the limitations of Instagram Lite, and adjusting privacy settings.

Remember, with patience and practical solutions; you’ll react to Instagram messages like a pro in no time!

That’s all for now. If you’ve got anything to ask, please reach us with your queries in the comments below.

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