Can You Get Banned from Snapchat?

Ever thought of getting locked out of your Snapchat account? Unfortunately, violating Snapchat’s guidelines can lead to a ban.

The result? Loss of cherished memories, streaks, and conversations; a sudden disruption of your social connection.

Worried? It could happen due to a casual mistake or misunderstanding of guidelines.

Don’t panic!

This post lets you figure out different scenarios of getting banned on Snapchat.

Now, let’s get started –

Snapchat’s Community Guidelines and Policies

As part of maintaining a healthy community, Snapchat is governed by a set of rules known as its Community Guidelines. These rules are implemented to maintain a safe and positive user environment.

The guidelines cover various behaviors and content types, including spam, harassment, invasion of privacy, and illegal content. Violating these guidelines can lead to punitive measures against a user’s account, ranging from temporary suspensions to permanent bans.

It’s vital for you to familiarize yourself with these guidelines to enjoy your Snapchat experience to the fullest and avoid the risk of getting banned.

Can You Get Banned from Snapchat for Spamming?

On Snapchat, spamming is typically seen as repetitive, unwanted behavior that can take many forms. This could be sending unsolicited messages to users who are not your friends, repeatedly sending the same message(s) to multiple users or any frequently repeated action that other users find disruptive.

Spamming can also be done in the form of automated actions. This includes, but is not limited to, using third-party apps or scripts to automate sending snaps or friend requests on Snapchat.

Snapchat’s guidelines clearly state that repetitive, unwanted behavior that spams or disrupts the experience of other users is not allowed.

Penalties for Spamming

In cases where users violate the guidelines by spamming others, Snapchat has implemented sanctions to penalize these actions.

Initially, such activities might lead to your account being temporarily blocked or locked. This prevents you from logging in for a short period of time.

However, repeated, severe, or dangerous offenses can lead to a permanent ban, where your account is deleted and unable to be reopened.

It should be considered a serious violation that can impact your capacity to utilize Snapchat.

Can You Get Banned from Snapchat for Sending Too Many Snaps?

Snapchat encourages active communication and sharing with friends, but that doesn’t mean unlimited snapping is always acceptable.

There isn’t a disclosed hard limit on the number of snaps one can send in a given time period.

However, sending an unusually high volume of snaps, especially unsolicited ones, might raise red flags and spark suspicion of spam-like behavior.

Penalties for Exceeding the Snap Limit

Sending too many snaps in a short period of time might be interpreted by Snapchat’s automated systems as spamming.

This could result in you temporarily losing your ability to send any more snaps for a certain time, receiving a warning, or even temporarily having your account locked if this behavior persists.

In cases where the volume of sent snaps is significantly high and consistent, Snapchat might consider this as a disruption of their platform, which could lead to a permanent ban.

It’s always a good idea to respect Snapchat’s community guidelines and use the platform responsibly to enhance social interactions, not to abuse it.

Can You Get Banned from Snapchat for Posting Weed?

Posting pictures or videos depicting weed on Snapchat can instantly ban you, especially if you sell it on the platform.

While it is still unclear if depicting cannabis as a product for recreational use will also get you banned, in some instances, users have reported having their accounts locked for posting about weed.

Penalties for Posting Weed

Because Snapchat is obliged to adhere to laws across various regions and to create a broadly safe and friendly environment, it tends to discourage content that could be interpreted as promoting illegal drug use.

Violating these guidelines could result in various levels of punishment, including being permanently banned for posting about weed.

The ban affects your Snapchat account and restricts your device from creating any new Snapchat accounts.

Therefore, avoiding posting content on Snapchat that involves weed is recommended to reduce the risk of facing these penalties.

Can You Get Banned from Snapchat for Having Multiple Accounts?

Having multiple accounts on Snapchat is not directly prohibited by Snapchat’s terms of service. The platform allows users to log in and out of different accounts on the same device.

Nevertheless, there can be potential issues related to managing several accounts at the same time:

  • Spamming Concerns: If multiple accounts are being used to send the same content to overlapped networks of friends, this may be interpreted as spamming behavior by Snapchat’s automated systems.
  • Role Confusion: Managing multiple accounts may lead to confusion about what content should be posted where—things designed for one account might mistakenly get posted to another, potentially causing problems.
  • Suspicious Activity: Operating several accounts might trigger Snapchat’s security measures, as it may give the appearance of fake accounts or bots, even if this is not the case.

Consequences of Having Multiple Accounts on Snapchat

While Snapchat doesn’t strictly ban users for having multiple accounts, it does have guidelines in place to prevent misuse:

  • Account Suspension: If any of your accounts are found to breach Snapchat’s community guidelines—such as being used for spamming, harassment, or promoting illegal activities—it could lead to temporary or permanent suspension of your account(s).
  • Reporting: If other users report any of your accounts for inappropriate activity, this could prompt an investigation and potentially result in your account(s) being locked or banned.

Can You Get IP Banned from Snapchat?

An Internet Protocol (IP) ban is used by networks, websites, and online platforms to block access to a specific IP address or a range of IP addresses.

This is often done to respond to suspicious or harmful activity from these IPs.

IP banning is a more severe form of banning because it restricts access at the network level.

It prevents a specific user account and potentially any account that tries to access the service from the banned IP address.

IP Banning on Snapchat

Like many other online platforms, Snapchat employs a range of measures to maintain the platform’s security and community standards.

This includes user-level restrictions (like account bans) and network-level restrictions such as IP bans.

An IP ban on Snapchat would prevent any account from accessing the Snapchat service from the banned IP address. There are several situations where Snapchat might resort to an IP ban:

  • Extreme violations of community guidelines.
  • Creating multiple accounts for malicious purposes
  • Spamming.

Can Your Device Get Banned from Snapchat?

A device ban works like a blockade that prevents a specific device (e.g., a certain phone or tablet) from accessing an online service, no matter which account or IP address is used.

This type of banning is usually imposed when the service provider detects severe or repeated violations of their terms of service from a particular device.

In the face of a device ban, creating a new account or changing IP addresses would not work, as the ban is linked directly to the hardware.

Device Banning on Snapchat

Like many other online platforms, Snapchat has the capability to impose device bans to protect its community and uphold its guidelines.

The following behaviors could potentially lead to a device ban on Snapchat:

  • Repeated account bans.
  • Disruptive behavior.
  • Exploiting app vulnerabilities.
  • Circumventing previous bans.

If You Get Banned from Snapchat, Can You Make a New Account?

If your Snapchat account is banned, you may wonder about the possibility of creating a new account.

Generally speaking, nothing technically prevents you from making a new account unless your device has been banned. Snapchat’s terms of service do not explicitly prohibit creating a new account after a ban.

However, creating a new account to circumvent a ban can have more serious consequences. Remember that your ban was placed for a reason, typically due to violating Snapchat’s community guidelines.

Consequences of Creating a New Account After Being Banned

If Snapchat discovers that you have created a new account to avoid a ban, you might face more severe penalties:

  • Immediate ban of the new account.
  • Device ban.
  • IP ban.


In conclusion, the threat of Snapchat bans can be daunting.

Yet, you can easily avoid disruptions with vigilance and understanding of the platform’s rules.

Keep your account safe by following Snapchat guidelines and respecting user privacy. This proactive approach will help you enjoy a seamless and ban-free Snapchat experience moving forward.

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